A friend.... When the conversation turns to family law issues... Call a friend. If you are in need of family law guidance... Call a friend - Call the Law Offices of Robert Bettencourt... Robert Bettencourt is San Luis Obispo's family lawyer. We are not a national company, nor do we wish to be. We have deep roots here in San Luis Obispo County, and our goal is to be the best neighbor we can be. To you... and to your family. The law offices of Robert Bettencourt offer an array of family law services and unmatched experience and expertise within our area of concentration, a call to your friends at the Law Offices of Robert Bettencourt will provide you with guidance, wisdom and the friendly ear you truly need at such a time in your life. To schedule a no-fee consultation with Robert about your situation, please call 549-9876 or visit us online at SLO FAMILY LAWYER DOT COM that's S - L - O Family Lawyer dot com. We will listen. We will help... The Law offices of Robert Bettencourt. a friend... to you.